Sunday, April 10, 2011

Clone Wars Season 3: Episode Rankings (3.1-3.22)

With Season 3 of The Clone Wars in the books, I thought I would take a quick look back and attempt to rank the episodes in order of my personal preference from those that I enjoyed least to those I enjoyed most.

#22: 3.5 Corruption: Stupid Mandalore grumble grumble.

#21: 3.11Pursuit of Peace:  Politics overload.

#20:  3.6 The Academy:  Ahsoka and the Scoobies.

#19:  3.3 Supply Lines: A Bail and Jar Jar episode, what could possibly go wrong.

#18:  3.4 Sphere of Influence:  I see blue people.

#17:  3.8 Evil Plans:  Wait Anakin in full husband mode and nobody wonders why.  What is this Metropolis?

#16:  3.1 Clone Cadets:  American Gladiators and Hunchback of Notre Damn mash up.

#15:  3.19 Counterattack:  Echo dies as the heroes run in circles.

#14:  3.10 Heroes on Both Sides:  Flirting with the enemy.

#13:  3.21 Padawan Lost:  Good Hunting.

#12:  3.7 Assassin:  It's ladies night. 

#11:  3.9 Hunt for Ziro:  Did not see that one coming.

#10:  3.15 Overlords:  Weird but cool.  Hey Qui-Gon!

#9:  3.17 Ghosts of Mortis:  Wait, it was a dream?  Huh?

#8:  3.18 The Citadel:  Carbonite + Tarkin = Winning!

#7:  3.20 Citadel Rescue:  Piell's Force Ghost asks, why didn't we send the fleet to start with?

#6:  3.13 Monster:  Hulk Smash!

#5:  3.22 Wookiee Hunt:  Chewie is my co-pilot.

#4:  3.16 Altar of Mortis:  Dark Side Ahsoka.  Enough said.

#3:  3.2 ARC Troopers:  Battle of Kamino was awesome but I wish we saw more Aiwha-bait.

#2:  3.12 Nightsisters:  Action packed, dark, and funny.  Great episode all around.

#1:  3.14 Witches of the Mist:  Darth freakin' Maul.

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