Thursday, August 30, 2012

Republic Commando Gregor Story Speculation

The introduction of a new clone character is always welcome with this fan, so I am very exciting to see Republic Commando Gregor.

From the new Season Five trailer that we have seen I think we can begin to piece together what the story may be.

We know R2-D2 and a group of  four other droids are being asked by Mace Windu to board a Separatist Dreadnought and steal an encryption module.  Perhaps the Droids need a human/alien assistance in either getting to the dreadnought or perhaps after recovering the encryption module they need help extracting.

Any chance we get to include an Republic Commando into TCW is awesome, because they are like the Navy Seals of the Star Wars galaxy, if you where going to take out the Bin Laden of the Star Wars galaxy, you would send in the RCs.

It also appears that R2-D2 is the droid that is scanning Gregor's arm and revealing despite a heavy beard his true identity.  Now whether Gregor is a deserter, an undercover agent, or a Republic Commando that suffered some sort of amnesia and doesn't remember who he is is another matter.

It certainly seems that given the dialogue included in the trailer that he is either a deserter or someone suffering from memory loss.

A male character says in the trailer, "You are a clone and a soldier in the Republic army....Our mission depends on it."

Presumably their is a large chunk of dialogue missing where the character speaking convinces Gregor of who he is.  I am thinking a bit like Steven Seagal in Hard to Kill.

If you look at the holo-file that R2 plays for Gregor their is some Aurebesh present. For the unitiated Aurebesh is the Star Wars universe's alphabet.  Jinkies a clue!

In the lower corner of the screen there is one line of blue writing, on line of red writing, and then two lines of blue writing.  I am unable to decipher what the red writing characters are but translating the blue writing the file says,
Battle of Serrish"
I think it is safe to presume the missing letters are something to the effect of KIA or killed in action.  I think we are dealing with a RC who was believed to have died at the Battle of Serrish.  According to Wookieepedia their is no record of a "Serrish," so it looks like we are dealing with a battle never before mentioned in the series or in the EU.

On the top right of the screen the info box contains Gregor's name on the top line and presumably his operating number and vital statistics below that. The writing below his name is just to difficult to make out to attempt to translate.

Let's look at the Gregor shots in rough sequential order:

Gregor, this is your life...

Damn I'm handsome...

This seems familiar....

I remember...

It's like riding a hoverbike...

I should have washed the buy'ce first...

My face is back lit !


Star Wars: The Clone Wars Celebration VI Premiere Press Conference

A great find by our friends across the pond at

The Youtube Channel of JeffLangeDVD posted video from the Press Conference/panel following the Season Five TCW Premiere at Celebration VI. Enjoy the goodness below.

SOURCE: JeffLangeDVD on Youtube via JEDI NEWS

Clone Wars Season Five: Extended Trailer Screenshots & Speculation

Star Wars Celebration VI gave us a brand spanking new TCW trailer for Season Five and it is pretty mind blowing.

I was not in attendance at CVI, so I did not see any of the Season Five episodes screened there. As a result I am speculating only based on what i have seen in the various S5 trailers.

Some of these images are no doubt from the season premier Revival (5.01), others are from the Onderon arc, Front Runners (5.02), The Soft War (5.03), and Tipping Points (5.04). The scenes with Clovis are no doubt from the next arc An Old Friend (5.05), The Rise of Clovis (5.06), and Crisis at the Heart (5.07).

The Maul and Mandalore stories are connected, the Republic Commando and Droid adventure stories are connected, and it would make sense if the Padme assassination attempt and Clovis arc are connected, but it is just as possible that the Padme assassination attempt and Asajj/Ahsoka stories are connected.

Other things that caught my eye are Anakin helping promote Star Wars  1313, a Jedi Funeral with at least six caskets, a new and odd looking troop carrier, an anti-Clone/War protest, and a number of interesting duels.

I would also add that I would probably also force choke any man I found alone in a room with my wife if she was in her Naboo Leather outfit.

In subsequent posts I will be regrouping images based on how I assume the story arcs are going to play out.