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Lightsaber Rattling was founded in June 2010 as a place for Star Wars news and reviews.  I have been a Star Wars fan for my entire life starting when my mom bought me my first copy of the Original Trilogy's Theatrical editions at Cosco many years ago.  

I read the novels as a kid as well as wore out the VHS tapes, collected and built the ship models, and got some really cool hand-me-down action figures and vehicles from my cousins.  

I lost contact with Star Wars except for the Prequel movies until I moved to San Diego in 2004 and stumbled upon a used copy of Vortex Prime in a thrift store.  Since then I have amassed a collection including all of the adult Star Wars novels (except The Ruins of Dantooine), some of the Young Adult novels, various guides and comics.

The Clone Wars animated series has given Star Wars a weekly television presence and I think going forward will only heighten the interest in Star Wars and the Expanded Universe.  

Star Wars is my escape and my hobby, I hope you enjoy this site and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on Star Wars as well. 

~Peter Morrison (December 2010)

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