Star Wars: Episode VII News & Rumors

On October 30, 2012 it was announced that The Walt Disney Company (Disney) had purchased Lucasfilm and all of it's departments and intellectual property.

It was further announced that in 2015, Star Wars: Episode VII would be released. Episode VII will be followed by episodes VIII and IX as part of an all new sequel trilogy based on original story concepts created by George Lucas.

Lucas will not be writing or directing the new trilogy, but will serve as a creative consultant.  New Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy will serve as Executive Producer on the new Star Wars films. It has been confirmed that Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3 and Little Miss Sunshine) will be writing the script, J.J, Abrams will be directing and frequent collaborator of his Bryan Burk will be a producer on the film.  Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg (Star Wars Rebels) will be scripting other Star Wars films will serve as creative consultants along with Lucas.  At Celebration Europe II it was announced that composer John Williams would return to score the film.

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Director: J.J. Abrams 

Writer: Michael Arndt

Executive Producers: Kathleen Kennedy, Tommy Harper*

Producers: J.J, Abrams, Bryan Burk

Co-producers: Ben Rosenblatt*

Creative Consultants: George Lucas, Simon Kinberg, Lawrence Kasdan

Cinematographer: Daniel Mindel*

Film Editors: Maryann Brandon*, Mary Jo Markey*

Costume Designers: Michael Kaplan* , Nigel Egerton* (assistant costume designer)

Production Manager: Simon Emanuel* (unit production manager)

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director: Tommy Gormley*  (first assistant director)

Concept Artists: Doug Chiang, Iain McCaig

Musical Score: John Williams, Conrad Pope* (orchestrator)

Rumored or unconfirmed crew members denoted with an "*"




Summer 2015


  1. The basis of the storyline for the new movies should revolve around Ben Skywalker and lead to Kol Skywalker as well Jaina and Jag Fel leading to Roan Fel. Meaning the results of the Fast of the Jedi series and The Legacy series need a story in between them to bridge the stories together.

  2. A new trilogy would be epic as a mofo

  3. George Lucus sold Star Wars to Disny

  4. I think now that Asoka decided to leave the Order, we will see her live on the screen in Episode 7. Who better than Anakin's old apprentice to help Luke rebuild the Order after Return of the Jedi, and who better to fill Luke and Leia in on who their parents really were.

  5. I actually trust Disney not to go power crazy and mess with Star Wars' IP. Look at what they did with Marvel, still awesome. Besides it would be a huge mistake financially, they are smart enough to not mess with one of the biggest franchise entertainment has ever seen.

    I actually hope they retcon the whole expanded universe, i just feel like the Yuuzhan Vong and the Srii-Ruuk are just too Doctor Who-esque to belong in a heroic fantasy/sci-fi universe like Star Wars'. I guess The Hapes Consortium can stay but that's about it. :P

    As for Ahsoka, as much as I want her to see her "in the flesh" she just doesn't have the iron-clad canon cred like Mara Jade has (who i see actually appearing in Ep VII) to actually be included in the story, at least not in the first movie, she just hasn't been around long enough.

  6. They should just base episode VII on how luke skywalker found other jedi outcasts and started to rebuild the jedi order, and of course i want to see more of Han Solo and his awesome self!!!

    I actually think that they should introduce the Yuuzhan Vong war because what i have read about sounds awesome. But they should bring it in at episode IX the latest