Thursday, August 30, 2012

Clone Wars Season Five: Extended Trailer Screenshots & Speculation

Star Wars Celebration VI gave us a brand spanking new TCW trailer for Season Five and it is pretty mind blowing.

I was not in attendance at CVI, so I did not see any of the Season Five episodes screened there. As a result I am speculating only based on what i have seen in the various S5 trailers.

Some of these images are no doubt from the season premier Revival (5.01), others are from the Onderon arc, Front Runners (5.02), The Soft War (5.03), and Tipping Points (5.04). The scenes with Clovis are no doubt from the next arc An Old Friend (5.05), The Rise of Clovis (5.06), and Crisis at the Heart (5.07).

The Maul and Mandalore stories are connected, the Republic Commando and Droid adventure stories are connected, and it would make sense if the Padme assassination attempt and Clovis arc are connected, but it is just as possible that the Padme assassination attempt and Asajj/Ahsoka stories are connected.

Other things that caught my eye are Anakin helping promote Star Wars  1313, a Jedi Funeral with at least six caskets, a new and odd looking troop carrier, an anti-Clone/War protest, and a number of interesting duels.

I would also add that I would probably also force choke any man I found alone in a room with my wife if she was in her Naboo Leather outfit.

In subsequent posts I will be regrouping images based on how I assume the story arcs are going to play out.



  1. where u got all these is amazing. this is going to be an epic season. ;)

  2. All the images are screen captures from's Trailer

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