Sunday, May 19, 2013

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Six Bonus Content: Yoda Arc

Our little green friend is back and it appears that we will be getting some Yoda focused bonus content as part of The Clone Wars bonus content package (episodes previously produced but not aired before the series' cancellation).

In a clip aired at Disney's Star Wars Weekends, we see Yoda in the hospital wing of the Jedi Temple under the care of a Jedi healer and under guard by a pair a Jedi Temple Guards.  Anakin comes in and Yoda used Anakin to leave the hospital wing and make his way to the hanger where R2-D2 helps him get in his special starship and depart Coruscant.

Why is Yoda under armed guard?  Is it simply to force the Jedi Master to take a break to rest and heal or is there more going on here?

Let's take a look at some screen shots from the trailer, resolution is poor on these.

Tom Kane may have shed some light on what may be going on in an interview with the Bombad Radio Podcast episode #76, where he mentions that their is a story arc featuring Yoda, where George Lucas allowed them to pull back the curtain a bit and reveal some of what is going on inside Yoda's head and his background. Tom reveals that last he heard they were going to try to finish that arc off. This seems likely that the clip we are seeing is what he was referring to.

SOURCE: Youtube


  1. According to one of TCW writers on twitter, this is actually part of the same arc as the Plo Koon clip. If he's right, it probably means we aren't getting any Yoda arc, which sucks. Hopefully he's wrong.

    1. According to Brent Fridman, Christian Taylor wrote the Syfo-ias arc, Katie Lucas the Order 66 arc, and the Yoda thing is probably the same arc as the Plo Koon clip. The question is now: will it be a Syfo-Dias arc, or a Yoda arc with the Syfo Dias mysteries?

  2. Wait, if someone can confirm it for me, is the Yoda clip part of the same arc as the Syfo-Dyas clip, or are they of different arcs?

  3. I do not think they are a part of the same arc.Could be wrong though.

  4. I wish that Disney did not cancel it,but at least we are getting more episodes.Hopefully they are not online only.

  5. One thought I had was Yoda taking a trip to Dagobah where we find out the story and origins of the cave Luke enters in The Empire Strikes Back. That would be cool if it were true.