Sunday, April 10, 2011

Clone Wars News & Rumor: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3 Box Art Revealed ?

An Australian Star Wars fansite, has posted on Facebook cover art purported to be the cover of The Clone Wars Season 3 Box Set. 

While the blue metalic striated background would fit with the established look of the previous season box sets, red for season one and silver for season two.  I have my concerns as to the authenticity of this.  The distortion around The Clone Wars logo and the subtitle "The Complete Season Three," as well as the fact that the logo overlaps the image of Anakin makes me wonder if this is a photoshop, either fan made or concept art which could become the final cover art with some modifications. 

 If this is the cover art or not, its interesting to see a determined/angry Anakin. 

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is not yet available for Pre-Order from  Item Page


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