Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rapid Review of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Padawan Lost (Ep. 3.21) SPOILER FREE

As regular readers of the site are aware, I post in depth reviews of each Clone Wars episode, including tons of spoilers and speculation.  The season finale episodes will get similar treatment, however I am going to wait until they air. 

In the interim, after watching the first half of the Season 3 finale, which was episode 3.21 "Padawan Lost,"  I can say that the excitement and adventure that Dave Filoni promised us when addressing the crowd at the LA screening of the Clone Wars Savage Opress is in full effect.

Padawan Lost without delving into spoilers is full of action and drama, with an interesting look at Trandoshan culture and the character traits of two of the series leading characters in Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker. 

Matt Lanter the actor who portrays Anakin has done a great job in the second half of Season 3.  As with any actor I think that these voice actors have to settle into their roles and I think what we are seeing now is Lanter fully comfortable in the skin of Anakin and truly making the character his own. 

As fans have seen in the preview clips we return to Felucia and the visuals here are pretty amazing.  There is tons of color in this episode. 

I also really enjoyed the sense of scope that Padawan Lost left me with, there are a lot of wide shots that give you a real good look at the environment. 

We get some interesting new characters introduced and the ending is a total cliff hanger.  It will be interesting if they leave a certain subplot unresolved in the second half of the season finale, episode 3.22 "Wookiee Hunt," and thus set up an early subplot for season 4. 

 There is a certain scene that feels a bit like Beowulf, and makes me wonder if we are going to get more back story or world building regarding the Trandoshans in the future in TCW. 

Also this episode features quite possibly the coolest piece of furniture in the GFFA.

There are some pretty surprising and shocking moments in this episode, with some really good drama.  All in all a totally enjoyable episode of TCW, I can't wait until April 1st, to hear what everyone thinks about it.

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  1. Pete this episode was great. Not only were the visuals top notch but the story concept was better then i expected it to be. I absolutely love Plo Koon. The fact that Dave Filoni has fleshed out his character this much is truly astonishing. I mean he was one of the jedi i visually loved throughout the prequels but now he has so much more depth to go along with the cool visuals. He is an extremely wise jedi master and i wish he would have gotten ashoka rather then anakin. The conversation between him and anakin in the temple really sealed why he is a jedi council member. can't wait for your review to see what your thoughts were on the episode.