Saturday, March 19, 2011

Behind the Curtain: Writing for The Clone Wars

The LA Times has a very insightful interview with Star Wars: The Clone Wars Head Writer Christian Taylor. The interview was conducted by Geoff Boucher and is available in full at the LA Times Hero Complex Site

The interview is really about the process of writing The Clone Wars and gives us some intersting insight into the process and how it has evolved with the show.  Apparently Season 5 is already written, so for those fans lobbying for their favorite characters to make an appearance start lobbying for Season 6 and know they are at least 2 seasons ahead of what we have yet seen.

On George Lucas' involvment in the writing process:

George is completely involved in the show. The first time I got invited up, the show had been running for two years and they had never done a writers’ conference before they, they had sort of just got spec work from different writers so there we were, there were like eight of us, working at the main house and you’d come and be sitting there at a meeting with George Lucas.

On where the show is in terms of writing: 

Due to the complexity of producing the episodes, only now are the first episodes I wrote showing.  The first year that I started was actually Season Three for the “Clone Wars.”  We have since written seasons four and five.

The third season was the first year that “The Clone Wars” had a writers’ room and worked very much like an episodic TV writers room would — but it was crammed into less than 10 days with George steering the stories. 

On George Lucas' view of Continuity:

He said “There’s the father, who’s me, there’s the son who is through licensing and then there’s the holy ghost.”  So when it’s authorized by George Lucas it’s canon. When it’s by “the son” — that’s the whole load of things made by the machine — and there is a lot of creativity there but it’s just not authored by George. The holy ghost is what fans provide and expect. So for us, we really have only one master to answer to.


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