Monday, January 24, 2011

Star Wars: Frames: A Very Expensive Collector's Item

 Do you have a spare $3,000 sitting around, because if you do, go ahead and buy this awesome looking collectors item for me.  Its like a coffee table book on steroids.

What exactly is Star Wars: Frames, why are so few made and why is it so darn expensive?

Frames is up for Pre-Order at Star Wars Shop, and is due to be released in February.  

Check out the 2008 First Look from Star below to find out.

George Lucas personally selected each of the 1,416 shots in Star Wars: Frames, which will showcase these indelible cinematic moments in six hardcover, leather-bound volumes, each 11 inches by 22 inches and printed in exceptional large format preserving the widescreen aspect ratio and full resolution of the original film frames. Star Wars: Frames will be strictly limited to 1,138 copies (in tribute to Lucas's first feature-length film, THX 1138) and will be encased in a wood-inlaid box (24" long x 13" high x 15" wide) adorned by two embossed medallions (6.75" round) -- representing Jedi Master Yoda and Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader. The box will contain two chambers that correspond to the first and second Star Wars trilogies, which will house the six volumes. Each of these numbered limited editions will also contain a portfolio case with a bookplate signed by George Lucas.
More than 230 film frames correspond to each epic Star Wars film: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi, totaling 1,416 images. Lucas selected each image from over a million possible frames.

Concept Art from 2008 Article
"This deeply personal project sets itself apart from any other publication on George Lucas's work in that it contains his frames: shots he conceptualized and crafted, unadulterated and rendered as individual works of art," said Raoul Goff, publisher & CEO of Palace Publishing Group. "Each page, or frame, presents a stunning work of beauty that speaks to the creative spirit, vision, and peerless imagination of a cinematic master." First Look: Frames (July 3, 2008) 

Star Wars: Frames ($3,000) is a high-end celebration of 1,416 moments like these, hand-picked by George Lucas from over one million frames of film, and reproduced across six hardcover, leather-bound volumes -- one for each film -- measuring 11" x 22" each. 

Limited to just 1,138 copies, each set arrives in a handsome wood-inlaid box, with embossed medallions of Yoda and Vader on either side, and comes with a portfolio case with a bookplate signed by George Lucas himself.
 FoxNews Article 

To Order Star Wars: Frames go to Star Wars Shop

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