Monday, January 24, 2011

New Release Alert: Knight Errant novel by John Jackson Miller

Jedi Knight Kerra Holt

The newest novel in the Star Wars Expanded Universe (SWEU), John Jackson Miller's debut novel Star Wars: Knight Errant is being released tomorrow, Tuesday January 25th.

This much anticipated novel is an interesting experiment in concurrent story telling between Star Wars novels and Star Wars comics as there is also a Knight Errant comic series by Dark Horse comics.  While this novel is intended to stand alone, no doubt readers who become interested in the character of Kerra Holt will want to continue learning about Kerra's story and pick up the comic series as well.

I had the recent pleasure to interview author John Jackson Miller for this site, and below is an excerpt regarding the new book:

Lightsaber Rattling:

Wow, great answers. In closing, for fans who haven't yet read the Knight Errant comics, and without giving too much away, who is Jedi Knight Kerra Holt and what do fans have to look forward to when the Knight Errant novel is released on Jan. 25th?

John Jackson Miller: 

As the sole Jedi working a wide area of space controlled by the Sith, Kerra’s been forced to make decisions about what things she can and can’t do to help the people. It’s clear she’s not going to be able to push back the warring Sith Lords all on her own, so she’s set to work pouring sand into the war machines, slowing down the pace of internecine destruction. Because while having the Sith Lords at war with each other may sound like a good thing for the Republic, it’s clearly not good for those caught between.

She’s always faced with decisions over what she should be doing, and often, those decisions are taken away from her. The result is a journey through Sith space, in which we encounter some other, very different regimes — and chances for Kerra to potentially get her mission back on track. It really is an odyssey, in which she finds out as much about herself as the would-be Sith Lords she’s fighting.


Knight Errant is a paperback release and has a cover price of $7.99, it also includes a full color comic excerpt from the comic series.  Go out and pick up the book tomorrow and enjoy a fun ride behind Sith lines with Kerra Holt.

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