Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Paul S. Kemp Duology Celebration VI Update: Has the Outline Been Submitted?

Clearly the folks at Del Rey and Lucas Books are quick to recognize how awesome author Paul S. Kemp is, because about a millennia ago it was announced that he would be penning a duology of novels.

News has been sparse on these two novels, but things appear to be picking up steam.  While no announcement regarding the books was made at Celebration VI, we did get some vague talk.

According to Tosche Station's CVI coverage,
"The Paul S. Kemp duology is still shrouded in secret."
Club Jade chimed in with the following from their CVI coverage,
"Nothing on the Kemp duology yet, though he did tweet in to say “hi.” Honestly, I believe he tweeted about sending in the outline only last week, so it’s probably just a matter of timing and approval."
Well Dunc at Club Jade was correct, as Mr. Kemp did Tweet a vague confirmation that his outline for the story has been submitted.

Hopefully Kemp's duology becomes a foundational piece of the Star Wars Expanded Universe just like Timothy Zahn's Hand of Thrawn Duology.


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