Friday, August 10, 2012

Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void Novel Tidbits from Jedi News had a very good interview with author Tim Lebbon.  It was announced at SDCC 2012 that Lebbon would be writing a new Star Wars novel set during the time period of the Dawn of the Jedi comic series by Dark Horse Comics.

Mr. Lebbon didn't give away a lot about this book but we did learn some about it and particularly the main character, Lanoree.

"JN - Without giving anything away about the story, in the broadest sense what are your hopes for Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void? Are you hoping for the opportunity to plant your flag in this era and world-build, much like John Jackson Miller did in the Knights of the Old Republic era, or Ostrander and Duursema in the Legacy era or are you hoping to scribe a rollicking adventure tale? 
TL - I like to think a bit of both. My main character is very much of the Dawn of the Jedi era (without giving too much away...), and she's someone who could become very involved in the era-changing events. At the same time, Into the Void will be an action-packed adventure novel. So I'm hoping fans will get a lot from this book ... new insights into the Dawn of the Jedi era, a new character who they can get excited about and want to follow into further tales, and a page-turning adventure. 

JN - Going forward will there be cross-overs and links between your novel and the comic series, or do the comic and novel tell different but parallel tales? 
TL - They tell different tales with different main characters, but of course cross-over can't be avoided, and is in fact something I want to happen. So my main character, Lanoree, has already met people whom the comic readers will recognise. And as the story progresses, that will happen some more..."

So we learn that Lanoree is another female protagonist and that the story won't simply be a novelization of the events of the comics but a related tale.

Source: Jedi News

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