Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Star Wars Trivia Book Kickstarter by Chris "Hoth Iceplanet"

Co-host of the Sarlacc Pit Podcast, Chris Hoth Iceplanet, has a new Kickstarter project that Star Wars fans should check out.

Chris is attempting to produce a new Star Wars trivia book, Trivia from a galaxy far, far away...Star Wars: Original Trilogy Edition.

Check out the video below discussing the project and head over to the Kickstarter page and give Chris what help you can.


 Back on May 25, 1977 when Star Wars first hit theaters the world as we knew it changed. Shortly after its release my aunt took me at 7 years old to see it for the first time. My young mind was blown from the opening crawl and this book's creation started on that day. Now 35 years later this book is finally starting to come to fruition. 
Star Wars has millions and millions of fans all over the world.... 
So why do we love Star Wars? Because of the movies right? For the most part everyone falls in love with Star Wars because of the movies. We might love a lot of things in Star Wars, or if you're like me pretty much everything, but the movies are what started it all for us. 
This trivia book is based on the movies. This volume is based solely on the "Original Trilogy" with 1,138 trivia questions. The plan is for two more volumes on the "Prequel Trilogy" and the "Clone Wars" animated series. 
This book is for all ages, but was created for the first and second Star Wars generation, to pass along the love of the movies to our third generation and beyond. This book will help to excite the younglings who have only known the "Clone Wars". Watching these movies, they will become more intrigued as they search for answers. 
But still why this book? We have seen many trivia books in the past, but they all had one thing in common. All of them have behind the scenes and expanded universe tough questions. That is great for a geek like me. But not for my sister or nephew. Anytime we would play Star Wars Trivial Pursuit or play with another trivia book, I would always dominate. Why? Because I knew all the obscure behind the scenes answers and they didn't. This book in my opinion levels the playing field. When you sit down and play with friends and family, everyone has an equal chance of winning so to speak. Let's face it we don't just read Star Wars trivia books, we play them like a game.


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