Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Director Anthony Hemingway Comments on the Star Wars: Live Action Series

Nerdist has an interview with Director Anthony Hemingway (Red Tails, Treme) that goes into a great deal of detail talking about working with George Lucas, the process and future involvement with "The Maker."

Along the way Hemingway comments on his involvement or lack thereof with the Live Action Series.

N: Are you angling at all to get involved in the live-action Star Wars TV series if that happens? 

AH: I’m not particularly involved in that at all, no. I’m trying to build a villa in L.A., and not have to go work out of the country any time soon, so I’m not a part of that. But I can’t wait to see it.
Was Hemmingway's comment a throw away line about Skywalker and Big Rock Ranches ? Or was he alluding to working at the new digital media production facility that was planned at Grady Ranch before Lucasfilm pulled out of that location and is now exploring other locations?

Computer Generated Image of Cancelled Grady Ranch Project

This raises an interesting questions, is Lucasfilm's new Digital Media Production Facility a necessary pre-cursor to the Live-Action series being made?  I tend to think the answer is yes.

Estimated construction time for the project assuming the Grady Ranch timetable would still apply to a new location is 18-24 months.

What would the Digital Media Production Facility be used for?

What will the building be used for? 
Grady Ranch will be a digital media production facility for movies and television. (Skywalker is pre-and post-production, and Big Rock is multi-media office space housing the non-profit George Lucas Educational Foundation and Lucasfilm Animation). 
The Main Building will house offices for advanced, digital technology-based film production, costume storage, make-up and dressing rooms, production suites, guest suites, and a fitness center. It will also house production stages (green screen rooms), equipment storage and an outdoor stage. We'll also have office suites, a cafĂ© and screening rooms – similar to our other facilities. And, there will be a Gate House building for security access, as this will be a private production facility and not open to the public. ~Source: Grady Ranch FAQ
It certainly sounds like Lucas wants to keep the TV production on budget and in-house, so this would seem to be a critical piece in the Live Action Series puzzle.

SOURCE: Nerdist.com 

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