Friday, May 18, 2012

Paul S. Kemp Star Wars Duology Update Kinda

While Del Rey hasn't revealed any of the story details surrounding Paul S. Kemp's next set of Star Wars novels, they did give us a cool behind the scenes peek of a video conference via Skype.

Kemp was having a meeting with Del Rey Editor at Large Shelly Shapiro and other Del Rey staff.

I share because this is photographic evidence that Kemp may be the coolest of the Star Wars authors, rocking the shades and the stogie.

Look for the first book of the duology at 2013 in hardcover, we will keep you posted as new information breaks.

SOURCE: Star Wars Books on Facebook  

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  1. This book is a hidden gem. It is very well written. The descriptions are short and sharp, yet informative enough to clearly envision the places, the scenarios, the situations... The characters are maybe too archetypal (and let's be honest, SW is loved precisely because of that), but the action and the plot is crisp, and well-thought. The characters do not throw themselves into absurd decisions that none of us would take in real life. On the contrary, every action comes from a well-defined train of thought (or feeling) flawlessly laid out by this Mr. Kemp.

    There are two things that are very gripping in this novel. One is that this book has white, black and almost every shade of gray from a moral standpoint. And that is refreshing. The second is that there are brief snippets of local customs and manners, e.g. a very nice scene of one of the main characters being driven to an spaceport, and the description of the events on the street as she passes by in a cab. This is unusual in SW novels and endows the final product with a sense of "suspended reality-realism" that is a definitive selling point for me. Probably not for everyone, though.