Saturday, May 19, 2012

Disney Star Wars Weekends: Clone Wars Season Five Trailer Images

The fist bootleg video are hitting the net out of Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The TCW Season Five trailer shown at Disney's Star Wars Weekends starts with the 27 second long teaser we have already seen released and then continues to about 2 minutes and 11 seconds total.

Lost of interesting images:

We have a land based battle between some natives and droids, that looks like it involves Ahsoka and Lux with a new character model for Lux.

Ahsoka's boyfriends back and you're going to be in trouble...

Who are these freedom fighters?  What planet is this? Haruun Kal wouldn't seem to work.  

 We have a space battle and what looks to be a related General Grevious attack aboard a Republic ship.

Interesting Pilot gear

We have lots of Savage Opress and Darth Maul, Maul dueling Obi-Wan, Savage dueling Embo, Savage doing the saber toss against some unknown alien council.

Is that Dengar back and blasting at Opress and Maul?

Black Sun Bosses? Looks a bit like Xizor's style of dress.

Bounty Hunters Vs. Sith

We also have lots of Death Watch, which looks like it is on a recruiting binge and potentially storming Duchess Satine's thrown room on Mandalore.

Million Mando March

Jet Packed Mandos on Mustafar?

Who are these guys and why are they with Death Watch?

Season Five looks off the hook.

You can view the high resolution S5 Teaser Trailer at

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  1. This is really cool! I am stoked for Season 5! Freaking out as I'm typing this.