Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Upcoming Exclusive Short Fiction in Star Wars Insider Magazine

Insider #133

Del Rey Star Wars Editor Erich Shoeneweiss posted a sneak preview of what readers of Star Wars Insider Magazine have in the near future.

Insider #134

Star Wars Insider Magazine short story update. Del Rey and Insider are working hard to feature some great short stories in the magazine for your reading pleasure this summer. Here's what you can expect: 
-Issue #132 (on sale now) features Jason Fry's short story "The Guns of Kelrodo-Ai" and stars the "Rebel Destroyer" Shea Hublin (with some beautiful art by John VanFleet!).  
-Issue #133 will include the tale of Parella the Hutt, hunter extraordinaire, from Star Wars: Scourge author Jeff Grubb. 
-Issue #134 is your first taste of post Fate of the Jedi action as author Christie Golden brings you a story starring Jaina and Jag. 
-Issue #135 sees Karen Miller return to the SWEU with an exciting story starring Myri Antilles.

Insider #135

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