Thursday, April 12, 2012

Myri Antilles short story by Karen Miller in Star Wars Insider #135

Young Myri Antilles

Fans of the Antilles clan and of the X-Wing novels will be getting a little more fun inside the pages of Star Wars Insider #135 as author Karen Miller (Wild Space, Clone Wars Gambit: Stealth & Siege) will be delivering a story

The intelligence agent and card-karkarodon daughter of Wedge and Iella Antilles takes center stage in this piece of original fiction.  A member of Wraith Squadron, Myri Antilles should also feature prominently in the upcoming X-Wing: Mercy Kill novel by Aaron Allston.

I can't wait until Donoslane Excursions brings me a copy of SW Insider #135 so I can check out this new story.

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