Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Star Wars on Blu-Ray: Rumor: Special Editions Only

The following article is rumor only based off of a very amateur Norwegian to English translation.

A Norwegian Magazine, Release recently had an interview with Twentieth Century Fox's Vincent Marcias, in which Mr. Marcias discussed the Star Wars Blu-Ray release.

Among the highlights that I can glean from my rough google fueled translation:

*Compared sales to that of Avatar: Special Edition which sold 5 Million in USA and 4 Million outside of USA and expects Star Wars to surpass this.

*When asked about DVD releases, we will probably see Star Wars remain available on DVD but no updated releases as they are focusing on Blu-Ray.

*When asked about what edition of the movies will appear on the Box sets he indicated that it would be the 1997 Special Editions with enhancements and that they have been re-mastered.  

*When asked if Lucas would release the Original versions on Blu-Ray he said he could not comment.  

Any Norwegians out there who want to take a shot at translating the interview it is available below:

Release Interview with Vincent Marcias (Pg. 8)

Google Translation Tool, I used to attempt to read the article. 

Source:  David Wharton at Cinema Blend

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