Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Clone Wars: Ghosts of Mortis Preview: Mortis has Two Moons

Very Curious imagery in's new story about the Force and how it evolved in Star Wars storytelling.  It appears to be an image from this weeks The Clone Wars Episode, Ghosts of Mortis as it is an image that has not yet appeared in Overlords or Altar of Mortis.

This imagery evokes the famous dual sunset scene from Star Wars: A New Hope on Tatooine.

Is there some significance to the two moons?  Is it symbolic of Anakin beginning his journey down the Dark Side as Luke began his journey down the Light Side of the Force on Tatooine?

In terms of what Mortis is.  This would seem to blow one of my theories out of the water.  I was speculating that Mortis may be a planetoid within the giant black space diamond that we saw in Overlords.  This was based on the scale of the Jedi's ship in relative terms to the diamond, as well as the fact that in the Overlords episode guide Mortis was referred to as a "realm."  But the presence of moons would indicate that this is actually a planet somewhere in the galaxy.

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  1. I wouldn't look too far for consistency, the moons could well play a symbolic only meaning, representing the children etc and have no connection to existing material reality.


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