Friday, January 28, 2011

Coming Soon: Review of Clone Wars Episode 3.15 Overlords & Review of Paul S. Kemp's Crosscurrent

Just a heads up for our loyal readers.  This is my plan for this weekend on Lightsaber Rattling.

1) Posting Saturday night: Review of The Clone Wars "Overlords" Episode 3.15.   Saturday night will typically be when reviews appear on this site.  

2)  Posting Sunday:  Review of Paul S. Kemp's Crosscurrent.  I have about 80 pages to go in my re-read of this fun EU novel.  I have the sudden urge for some Soup.  

3) Sunday Night assuming all goes well with Skype, I will be taking part in my first podcast.  Which one?  Stay tuned for the announcement.  

4) Given my schedule this week, my review of John Jackson Miller's novel Knight Errant will not post until next week, Thursday most likely.  

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