Friday, January 28, 2011

Clone Wars: Air Date Update for Altar of Mortis (Ep. 3.16)

According to Cartoon Network's preview for Altar of Mortis (Episode 3.16) it will air next week.  This comes in the wake of conflicting reports, the latest issue of Star Wars Insider magazine listed the air date as 2/11/11 while other sources like TV Guide,, and IMDB reported that it would air 2/4/11.

It looks like we will see Altar of Mortis next Friday, and may be getting the week off the following week 2/11/11 with Episode 3.17 Ghosts of Mortis returning 2/18/11.

Stay tuned to Lightsaber Rattling as the schedule for the remaining episodes of The Clone Wars Season 3 becomes clear.

Author's Note:  It looks like our friends over at Knights Archive were correct in their feeling that Insider was wrong.  Strong in the Force is Knights Archive.  

For a preview clip of Altar of Mortis, head on over to Cartoon Network.

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