Saturday, May 25, 2013

Star Wars Rebels Season One Stories Broken, Let The Writing Begin

Star Wars Rebels Co-Executive Producer Greg Weisman pulled back the curtain on where the show is in terms of development via Twitter.  Weisman tweeted:

Without George Lucas running the writers room during the story conference it may operate in a different manner than The Clone Wars writing process, but it sounds like it is similar.  We can infer that the writers met with the three co-executive producers and each other for a week at one of Lucasfilm's properties.  Jointly they developed story/plots for the entire first season of the show and then individual episode assignments were given out to the as yet not fully known stable of writers.

This means we are still very, very early in the development process of the show.  We have plots, probably concept art and some character design.  Most likely the animation team is working first on environments and vehicles that are most likely to be utilized in the show.

Let the speculation and rumor mongering begin.


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