Sunday, January 20, 2013

Battle Meditation Review: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Eminence (Episode 5.14)


This week's episode is brought to you by the word "awesome."
"One vision can have many interpretations."Savage and Maul forge an alliance with Death Watch to target a common enemy: Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Seriously Sith and Mandalorians in one story arc starts off what is going to be crazy ride for The Clone Wars fans. The inclusion of Black Sun, the Pykes, Hutts, and bounty hunters made this the ultimate set up episode and one of the biggest fan service episodes of the series so far.

I think my biggest issue with this episode is the same that I had when reading the novelization of this story arc.  The transitions and the way that Maul assembles his forces in this episode happened in such a rapid succession that it feels rushed and there needed to be something to establish the passage of time to make it more believable.

The idea that Maul would take over Black Sun is pretty interesting given his EU backstory.

I always enjoy the inclusion of the Hutts, one of the most interesting alien species in the galaxy.  Their greed is only balanced by their self-preservation instincts. The mental image and imagined smell of a Hutt slayed by a lightsaber is fascinating.

The Death Watch assaults on Nal Hutta and on Jabba's Palace were very awesome and well executed. At Jabba's Palace the Gamorrean guards were very cool.

I find it fitting that we see Pre Vizsla make the proverbial deal with the devil with a Sith Lord that looks very devilish.   The "alliance" of Vizsla is doomed from the start as it is revealed in this episode that both are plotting the destruction of the other.  It makes you wonder, what exactly makes Vizsla think he can tame a Sith Lord? If Obi-Wan and Dooku whooped his butt, then what chance does he have against Maul and Savage?

The issue of broadcast editing reared it's ugly head again this week. One of the scenes I was anticipating was the Savage's Vader-esque lightsaber toss. The beginning of the lightsaber toss was teased heavily in the Season 5 promotional trailers but what we saw in episode was cut off.  It is a particularly curious bit of editing because just last season we saw Ahsoka, a hero in the series decapitate four Death Watch commandos.

From "A Friend in Need"
According to the Episode Trivia Gallery:

"A more stunning version of Savage throwing his lightsaber down the length of the table and decapitating the Black Sun leaders exists, but it was edited for broadcast. The complete version will appear on the Blu-ray and DVD release."
It doesn't make clear whether this was a Cartoon Network edit or a Lucasfilm edit, but I would assume it is the former.  I guess we will just have to wait until the home video release to enjoy the awesomeness of animated decapitations.

Without spoiling the story things really get going faster and more intense as Maul's forces launch their invasion of Mandalore. At the end of this arc character's fates will be altered forever.

Actors Sam Witwer (Darth Maul) and Jon Favreau (Pre Vizsla) do some tremendous work carrying this episode. Witwer in particular gives a nuanced vocal performance that is rich and delicious just like my Momma's brownies.

Clone Wars Download: Webisode 514: Shadows of the Sith

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"Pre Vizsla and Maul attack Mandalore and Duchess Satine, but their alliance is soon tested." ~ TV GUIDE

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