Tuesday, August 28, 2012

You Can't Keep a Good Clone Down: Republic Commando Series May Continue

Lost in the bigger news coming out of the Star Wars publishing news from Star Wars Celebration VI is the potential resurrection of a fan favorite series, the Republic/Imperial Commando series.

ClubJade has the quote from Shelly Shapiro, Del Rey Editor at Large when asked about the Republic Commando series:

"On continuing Republic Commando, Shapiro said: “Big maybe with positive thoughts. Can’t say anything yet but I think you’ll be happy.” "
Jennifer Heddle, Lucas Books' Senior Editor summarized the Del Rey panel for the StarWars.com Star Wars Blog and had this to say about the Republic Commando series:
"A new Republic Commando novel? We can’t say anything for certain, but you should definitely stay tuned. :) "
If you have read this site or followed me on Twitter or Facebook you probably know that I am a huge fan of the Republic Commando series.  I would love to see the story continued.

The fate of Delta Squad Commando Sev (RC-1207) who was abandoned on Kashyyyk, was force to be left unresolved by Karen Traviss so that LucasArts could preserve that material for a potential Republic Commando sequel video game.  Enough time has passed that it seems unlikely a Republic Commando video game sequel will be made, so perhaps this story line has been unlocked.  I know I would enjoy hearing of Sev's ultimate fate and the story centered around either his Squad-mates going back looking for him or a story where he is forced to survive on his own could both be interesting.

Then there is the whole Imperial Commando, Darman, Venku, and Clan Skirata story line.  This story line ran aground of The Clone Wars continuity supremacy.  The changes to Mandalorian history and to the Death Watch made it difficult to see this story completed. As The Clone Wars barrels inexorably towards it's conclusion Season Five promises to see some big changes on Mandalore and perhaps the continuity fog is clearing enough that this story line can now be completed satisfactorily.

I eagerly await news about the return of the Republic Commando series.  Come on Del Rey and Lucas Books, make it happen.


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