Friday, May 4, 2012

Star Wars: Scoundrels Preview: Chapter 2 available for download

Timothy Zahn's next Star Wars novel, the classic era "Scoundrels" received some promotional love on May 4th as released a PDF containing chapter two of the novel.

Excerpt  from Chapter Two PDF:

"He was in the process of lining up the weapon when Han shot him under the table.
Falsta fell forward, his right arm still raised in Chewbacca’s grip, his hold-out blaster
clattering across the tabletop before it came to a halt. Chewbacca held that pose another
moment, then lowered Falsta’s arm to the table, deftly removing the blaster from the dead
man’s hand as he did so. 
For a half dozen seconds Han didn’t move, gripping his blaster under the table, his
eyes darting around the cantina. The place had gone quiet, with practically every eye now
focused on him. As far as he could tell no one had drawn a weapon, but most of the patrons at
the nearest tables had their hands on or near their holsters. 
Chewbacca rumbled a warning. “You all saw it,” Han called, though he doubted more
than a few of them actually had. “He shot first.” 
There was another moment of silence. Then, almost casually, hands lifted from
blasters, heads turned away, and the low conversation resumed.  
Maybe this sort of thing happened all the time in Reggilio’s. Or maybe they all knew
Falsta well enough that no one was going to miss him. "


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