Monday, May 14, 2012

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Five: New Character: Commander Thorn

Dave Filoni posted a preview image of a new character in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Five.

It is a nice bit of inter-franchise nerd love because the character is a nod to Marvel Comic's Thor.
Clone Commander Thorn holding his Z-6 (rotary) blaster canon

Dave's Comments:

On behalf of the Clone Wars crew, we would like to congratulate Marvel Studios and Joss Whedon on the incredible release of The Avengers. We’re also very proud of the team at ILM who made the effects and action scenes beyond spectacular. There are many fans of Marvel comics on the Clone Wars crew, and the biggest fan of all has to be episodic director Steward Lee. Knowing what a fan he is, I sketched up a special Clone Commander for an upcoming episode of Season 5. Clone Commander Thorn is obviously our homage to “Thor, the god of thunder.” Commander Thorn even carries a Z-6 blaster canon named “the Hammer.” Enjoy this sneak peak at a new clone from Season 5.  ~Dave

Digging what looks like wings on the side of his helmet. Looks like based on the color scheme and rings around the upper arm plates that Thorn will be in charge of the Coruscant Guard.

Will we see some battle on Coruscant? Will Palpy get kidnapped again?  Stay tuned to LR as we learn more about what is to come in TCW Season Five.

SOURCE: Dave Filoni's Facebook Fan Page 

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  1. Thorn looks cool :) I'm looking forward to seeing him in action ;)