Sunday, May 13, 2012

Star Wars Celebration VI Store Announced recently announced that there will be a CVI exclusive store for convention exclusive merchandise in limited quantities.

The first CVI that will be available is a Sideshow Collectible 1/6th scale Clone Trooper figure, Commander Ganch.

It is interesting that Ganch gets the special treatment, he first appeared in the web-comic, Clone Wars: Act on Instinct.  Ganch's name was developed by Pablo Hidalgo (Soon to be released, Essential Reader's Companion) and design was done by noted artist Tom Hodges.

The Star Wars Celebration Store will premiere Sideshow's 12" figure of Clone Commander Ganch, available in very limited numbers starting the first day of the show, Thursday, August 23rd. 
The exciting one-sixth scale figure boasts a number of exclusive features, including:
*Phase I and II helmets
*Detailed fabric body suit and collar
*Highly detailed full-body armor set
*A variety of interchangeable hands and boots
*BlasTech DC-15A long range blaster rifle
*BlasTech DC-15S blaster carbine
*Two (2) BlasTech DC-17 blaster pistols and holsters
*Armored body with more than thirty points of articulation
*Base with Ganch armor symbol and lower support stand

If I was going to be at CVI I would definitely be in line for this one.  The individualization of the Clones is one of the most interesting things in Star Wars visually and on a story telling basis.


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