Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dark Horse: Lost Tribe of the Sith Comic Series Announced

Art by Paul Renaud, Takara (left) and Spinner (right).

The May the 4th be with you massive info dump included the reveal of an interesting new comic series by Dark Horse Comics, Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: Spiral.

No doubt the popularity of Dark Horse Comics' Dawn of the Jedi series and it's different take on the galaxy far, far away makes Dark Horse think that a similarly different title may have an appeal.

Personally just based off the art we have seen for the cover, the style of Kesh may look similar to the TV shows Avatar: The Last Airbender, Fire Nation.  It will certainly be interesting to see the use of glass in construction and artwork in the pages of the comic.

Writer John Jackson Miller is a busy man, not only is he currently penning the ongoing Dark Horse series Knight Errant, with the upcoming release of Lost Tribe of the Sith (LTotS): The Collected Stories on July 24th, and now the new LTotS comic series.

Miller sat down with USA Today to discuss the series;

The new series, featuring art by Andrea Mutti, finds these descendants in an age of discovery and optimism, according to Miller, as they've found ways to traverse Kesh. 
"It'd be great, if not for the fact that a planet of Sith believers is always a disaster waiting to happen," the writer says. "It's a hornet's nest of ambition on this planet, and they're all stuck with each other. The fact that new horizons on Kesh have opened to them just allows for mischief on an even larger scale." 
The protagonist of The Lost Tribe (who would probably be a villain in any other series), the anarchist and would-be assassin Spinner yearns to tear apart the Tribe and has the ability to turn anything he can find into a Force-fueled weapon.  
His nemesis is the female keeper of order Takara, a Sith with her own ambitions.
"There's a fun contrast between the two of them," Miller says. "Think of the difference between the lawful-evil and chaotic-evil alignments in Dungeons & Dragons. Just because she wants to stop Spinner doesn't mean she hasn't got her own plans cooking. And as we know from Palpatine, Sith are born manipulators."
Miller also posted some more information regarding the series on his blog, Faraway Looks, revealing that that both the novella Pandemonium which will appear in LTotS: The Collected Stories and the comic series will bet set in the same general time period as the 8th and final LTotS ebook, Secrets.

Miller went on to reveal an interesting little tidbit about Kesh and the Lost Tribe,

As you can see, we'll be visiting locales on Kesh we've never seen before. Andrea Mutti from Knights of the Old Republic - War will be giving us our first looks at everything in the prose stories from Keshiri to uvak. We've worked to design a complete fantasy world. It's Star Wars through a different lens — no technology, very little metal, and no Jedi! 
There will be some big surprises, some building upon clues already in the prose stories. Kesh may not be quite as isolated from the rest of the galaxy as we thought...
Readers will want to pay particular attention to LTotS #6: Sentinel for an example of the galaxy at large making it's way to Kesh.

Look for Lost Tribe of the Sith: Spiral later this summer and no doubt more info about the comic at San Diego Comic-Con. 


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