Sunday, April 8, 2012

What is Clone Wars Writer Brent Friedman up to for Lucasfilm?

Fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars may not necessarily recognize the name of Brent Friedman, he was the writer for the Season Four Obi-Wan undercover arc. Episodes 4.07-4.10: Deception, Friends and Enemies, The Box, and Crisis on Naboo.  Mr. Friedman is currently a Staff Writer on TCW and recently flew into San Francisco on what was presumably a Star Wars related secret mission.  Let the speculation begin.

Recently on March 25 Mr. Friedman mentioned on his Twitter feed (@BFree63) that:

"Just flew into San Fran on classified business. I'd tell you my secret assignment but then I'd have to kill you..."
We can assume that he was visiting the Presidio (Lucasfilm's SF headquarters) because Editor/Writer Bonnie Burton (@bonniegrrl) tweeted:

"@BFree63: Nice seeing ya in person today! You're much taller than your Twitter avatar!"
Tricia Barr (@fangirlcantina) from Fan Girl Cantina commented on Mr. Friedman's "classified business" in the flowing exchange:

"@BFree63 I'm beginning to see a pattern're such a tease. Enjoy San Fran, such a beautiful city."

"@fangirlcantina Thanks! But guilty as charged. Soon enough, tho, this secret mission will come to light and there will be much rejoicing."

"@fangirlcantina @PeteMorrisonLR There shall be Yub Nub when all is revealed."

It appears that Mr. Friedman was only in SF for a few days as he tweeted this on the 27th:
"Dear SanFran, hate to meet and run but I'll be back soon. Thank you for tasty sushi, entrepreneurial homeless and Starbucks on every corner."
I promise there is a point to this and not some Batman-esque cyber-stalking.

It doesn't sound like this was the typical TCW writers conference that we have seen take place at Skywalker Ranch.  While it could be a TCW related meeting, perhaps it is something else entirely.  Could it be a consultation for a new TCW spin-off cartoon?  Perhaps Mr. Friedman is being brought aboard to work on the Live Action Series, or perhaps it is something to do with a video game.

Mr. Friedman has a diverse creative background as exemplified by his LinkIn public profile.
Co-Founder at Rainspark Labs
Creative Consultant at 343 Studios
Staff Writer at Lucasfilm
Writer/producer at Schizophrenic Thinking, Inc.
VP of Technology at Mass Hysteria
Owner at Electric Farm Entertainment
Creative Consultant at Zynga
Creative Consultant at ngmoco:)
Creative Consultant at Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC
Creative Consultant at Electronic Arts Los Angeles
 I wonder if Lucasfilm may be developing a web based series of Star Wars storytelling.  I suppose we will have to wait to find out and your guess is as good as mine to what this will end up being.


  1. I don't know him... I don't rlly study behind the scenes. But I look forward to his work :)

  2. TCW story arc he was involved in featured bounty hunters very heavily and speculation that the live action TV series will revolve around the seedy underworld of Star Wars.... Mmmmm, draw your own conclusions/theories....