Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Big Announcement" coming from Del Rey on Thursday March 22nd

Del Rey Star Wars Editor Erich Schoeneweiss announced via Twitter that, "  fans, big announcement coming tomorrow from Del Rey. ." 

What could this be?  

Best bet is an official announcement regarding the title and topic of Paul S. Kemp's Duology Book #1.  I could also see it being a new contract extension, as the current licensing agreement between Lucasfilm and Del Rey runs through 2013.  Perhaps the success of Darth Plagueis has inspired them to raise another cancelled book from the dead and we will get the Boba Fett stand alone novel that Karen Traviss was suppose to write.

Check back here tomorrow after the news breaks for my reaction to the "big announcement."

Also follow Del Rey's new official Twitter feed at @DelReyStarWars 

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