Thursday, December 8, 2011

Star Wars: X-Wing: Mercy Kill: Just about the sickest cover art ever.

I've got four lit and I am so ready for the 10th novel in the X-Wing series, this time in glorious Hardcover edition.  

Artist Mike Bryan really brought the feel of space dog-fighting action to this piece art. 

The cover also has a very Cold War feel to it, with the ship being pursued by the X-Wing immediately reminding me of a camouflaged Soviet MiG fighter jet.  

I am really curious as to what type of ship this is.  It looks to have the cockpit and fuselage of an X-Wing.  I am sure some more avid fan that I can identify this ship readily.  

I also love the intersection of space and atmosphere in this piece of art. has a publisher's summary to go along with the cover art:

Outcasts and misfits, spies and warriors, pilots and troublemakers — they’re Wraith Squadron. Founded decades ago by ace pilot Wedge Antilles, this elite intelligence unit, disbanded at the end of a catastrophic civil war, is reunited by former leader Face Loran to find out whether one of the galaxy’s most powerful military officers is a traitor… and whether anyone can stop him if he is. To succeed in their mission, the Wraiths must become thieves, pirates, imposters, forgers, and liars, staying just one step ahead of their enemies and the law!

Mercy Kill is due out August 7, 2012.  I know what I am asking for as a Birthday present.  



  1. The ship is an E-Wing introduced in the Extended Universe with the Thrawn Trilogy and made its first visual appearance in the Dark Empire comic. According to the Wookiepedia entry, it's supposed to be a direct replacement for the X-wing

  2. Awesome cover. Just gotta read 9 and get this one.