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Battle Mediation Review: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Slaves of the Republic (4.12)

Much like the Republic's aid to Kiros, this review is a little late.  Was it worth the wait? No promises. 
After much deliberation I have come to the conclusion that Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka and Rex make the worst undercover agents ever.  Of course three Jedi and a single Clone against an entire planet of crumb bum Slavers wasn't the most well thought out idea in the first place.

I really dug this episode.  To start of with the Zygerrian ship looks to me stylistically similar to the Jawa Sandcrawler.  This flying Sandcrawler was pretty cool looking.

It is interesting to see where the episode converges with it's comic predecssor and where it diverges.  Overall the story is a pretty direct adaptation.  There are some interesting changes.  Not only to the Zygerrian characters appearances, but to Anakin's disguise (he had an eye patch in the comic), Ahsoka's slave outfit (much more To Catch a Predator in the comic), and some dialogue and scene changes. 

It's pretty clear Anakin is willing to skirt questionable moral decisions whether it be flirting with Queen, allowing a Slave to jump to her death, and potentially allying himself with the Queen to protect his friends, once again showing his problem with attachment. 

There are some obvious parallels between this episode and Return of the Jedi.  Between storing the lightsabers in R2, Anakin's dialogue and wave we see that father and son have a lot in common.

I'm not sure why but Obi-Wan's attempted to free Governor Roshti, had me thinking about  Han Solo and the enslavement and liberation of Chewbacca.  Could you get two more different characters then Obi-Wan Kenobi and Han Solo?  Yet these two very different men both recognized the inherent evil of the institution of slavery and took action in spite of the risk it posed to themselves.  I like to think that Obi-Wan could see beyond Han's scruffy exterior and recognize the character of the man beneath the surface.  I would like to think that this made Obi-Wan's decision to sacrifice himself easier, knowing that Luke had found a friend that he would be able to trust and watch his back.

It was fun to see Ahsoka patiently waiting in her cage and almost Force pushing the Zygerrian off of the building.  You get the sense that Ahsoka has become immensly powerful in the Force and is simply biding her time.  

My favorite parts of the episode where the interaction between Anakin and Queen Miraj Scintal.  Scintal offers a striking departure from the life that Anakin lives, a life of secrets, half truths, and stolen moments with his wife.  Scintal represents all Anakin hates in terms of slavery, but also all he wishes he could be in openness and honesty.  She has the same overflowing confidence that Anakin possesses and the same cruelty that Anakin can flash in his darkest of moments.  I would love to see the Queen's attempted seduction of Anakin be brought to the forefront a little more but that may be a bit much for the shows demographics. 

Rating:  Slaves gets 8.0 electric-whips.  While I really enjoyed this episode and thought it was visually stunning, I would almost have loved it more if the emphasized the Queen's attempted seduction of Anakin, and played up the darkness within Anakin that would have felt drawn to the Queen's dark bargain. 

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We are in for a bit of a Winter break from The Clone Wars.  It looks like we will be getting at least the full Umbara arc replayed before we see the concluding episode of this current arc.  Friday the 16th The General will be replayed, Friday the 23rd  Plan of Dissent will be replayed, and it is safe to assume on the 30th we will see Carnage of Krell.  That means at the earliest we are looking at January 6th as the earliest date we will see Escape from Kadavo

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