Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review: Topps Star Wars Power Plates

I heard about these nifty little collectibles and happened to be at Target today, so I thought I would check them out.  The Power Plates are on sale individually wrapped for $1.99 each.

In traditional baseball card fashion, they are a blind package, you cannot see what power plate is inside.  This adds some excitement to the purchase but could likely be rather frustrating to collectors trying to amass the entire line.

What is in the package?  Each Power Plate is a metal novelty vanity licence plate.  Each plate features a character, a background image from the movies and a customized phrase.

The plate has holes in it as an actual license plate does for the screws to be inserted.  The only downside is that the customized phrase for each character isn't embossed.  The only embossed part of the license plate is the Star Wars title on the bottom and the border around the plate.  The fact the text of the vanity plate isn't embossed frustrated me as I was hoping to feel my way into some interesting finds.

The back of the plate has a small but sturdy magnet on it.  The edge of the plate folds over towards the back allowing you to use the magnet to hold papers, lists, notes to your fridge as you would with other magnets.

The plates are a nifty little item and really, they are very inexpensive refrigerator magnets, what are the odds I would get a Nien Nunb collectors item?

All in all, while not extraordinary items, they are well worth the asking price of $1.99 and I am sure I will get a few more to adorn my fridge.

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