Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Games for Soldiers: Clone Wars Actress Catherine Taber's Charitable Effort for the Troops

Actress Catherine Taber, who portrays Padme Amidala in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series has been doing her part to try to make U.S. soldiers jobs a little easier by giving them more recreation options in their limited down time.

Her charitable effort Games For Soliders can be found at http://gamesforsoldiers.com .

So far Ms. Taber and her group has sent 77 boxes of video games to the Troops overseas.

From Gamesforsoldiers.com:

I'm Catherine Taber, an actress in film, television and VIDEO GAMES. 
I wanted to do something to say thank you to all of our brave men and women serving in the US Military so... 
I contacted some of the game companies I had worked with to see if they would like to donate some games. From there, I asked friends and family if they would like to say anything to the troops - Since March 2008 I have received numerous letters to send, games, consoles, comic books and some have also sponsored the shipping costs for my boxes (especially my awesome parents who are both Army Vets (: Thanks Mom and Dad! ). 
As of May 2011 - thanks to many people's generosity, I have been able to send over 77 boxes! I've received so many wonderful responses from the soldiers who have received our boxes. And through word of mouth, I now have units contacting me requesting games! So 
Thank you again everyone AND please keep sending me your games!
Video Games are a simple and easy thing to send - and they can provide some entertainment and hopefully relaxation to our troops overseas - in their rare moments of downtime.
Please take a minute and visit the website.  Donate money if you can, games, or just spread the word for this great charitable effort.  

You can contact Games for Soldiers at catherine@gamesforsoldiers.com and you can donate to Games for Soldiers by emailing donate@gamesforsoldiers.com.  

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