Monday, October 17, 2011

New York Comic-Con: Del Rey Star Wars Book News

Del Rey made a few really exciting Star Wars publishing announcements on the final day of New York Comic-Con (NYCC).

Del Rey Editor Erich Schoeneweiss posted the following on Facebook regarding the announcement:

"Just announced at our Del Rey Star Wars books panel: Drew Karpyshyn will write a fourth novel that will tie into The Old Republic for Fall 2012 and Tim Zahn will write a new novel starring Han Solo set in the classic films era. More details to come on both as they develop. (ES)"

I am very interested in what the new The Old Republic novel will be, but my bet would be that it is a Bastila Shan novel.

While we know the new Timothy Zahn novel is set in the OT era, we don't have any more definitive information. Deductively we can reason that the novel can't be set between Episodes V and VI. So we have three options; (1) immediately preceding Ep. IV, (2) between Ep. IV and V, (3) immediately after the Battle of Endor between the events of Truce at Bakura and the X-Wing novels/Courtship of Princess Leia. Hunt for Warlord Zsinj novel?

We also got a snazzy new cover for the paperback cover of Timothy Zahn's latest novel, Choices of One.

MONDAY 10/17 UPDATE: has posted a break down of the rest of the tidbits released at NYCC the biggest tidbit of which is a great little excerpt from the final book in the Fate of the Jedi series, Apocalypse by Troy Denning.

“Perhaps they feared Luke Skywalker just that much.
And that was a mistake.
Luke Skywalker was not the Sword of the Jedi. Jaina was, and now the Sith had trapped themselves inside a locked Temple with her.”

Why do I get the mental picture of Luke sitting on a lawn chair sipping a drink with an umbrella and tellling Jaina to take care of the Lost Tribe?  Jaina is a kick butt character, hopefully she will be elevated to the rank of Master soon.

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