Thursday, October 27, 2011

Haynes Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual Sneak Peak and Giveaway by

The website is hosting a giveaway for the forthcoming book, Haynes Millennium Falcon: Owner's Workshop Manual by Ryder Windham and artists Chris Reiff and Chris Trevas.

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is enter visit the Book Depository website and answer one simple question.  The terms and conditions of their giveaway are available on the website.

The real cool thing is that they have a preview of the book in the form of 10 PDF pages excerpted from various portions of the book. 

Haynes Millennium Falcon: Owner's Workshop Manual looks to be a much more adult look at the structure and functioning of everyone's favorite freighter then last years Millennium Falcon: A 3-D Owner's Guide which was written by the same author.

The book is broken down into nine sections:

1)The history of Corellian engineering & the YT-Series
YT -1000 6
YT -1300p Transport 8
YT -1300f Transport 10
YT -1300fp Transport 12
YT -1300 configurations 14
YT -1300 optional extras 18
YT -1200/1210/1250 transport 22
YT -1760 small transport 24
YT -1930 transport 25
YT -2000 transport 26
YT -2400 light freighter 27
2) The Millennium Falcon
Operational history 30
Views 32
Cutaway 36
Floor plan 38
Lando calrissian 40
Han solo and Chewbacca 42
3) Piloting a YT-1300
Cockpit controls 48
Navigation / nav computer 52
Hyperspace travel 54
How to fly the falcon 56
Combat techniques 58
Special maneuvers 60
Evasive maneuvers 61
4) YT-1300 Propulsion
Hyperdrive 66
Sublight drives 68
Repulsor lifts & landing jets 70
Fuel systems 72
5) Weapons & Defensive Systems
Quad laser cannons 76
Retractable ‘ground buzzer’ 78
Concussion missiles 79
Shield generators 80
Projectors 82
Armored hull 84
6) YT-1300 Engineering Systems
Engine room / aft cargo hold 88
Technical station & circuitry bays 90
Hanx-Wargel computer 92
Power core & Power converter 94
7) YT-1300 Sensors
Passive sensor / scan-mode transceiver 98
Main sensor rectenna 100
Topographic sensors 102
IFF Transponder 104
8) Crew Facilities
Crew quarters 108
Emergency equipment 110
Recreation 112
Docking rings & hatches 114
Boarding ramp    116
Escape pods 118
Spacesuits 120
9) Size Comparison Chart's description of the new book:
The Millennium Falcon is a legendary spaceship, made famous by its adventures under the command of smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca, who made numerous special modifications to transform the beat-up Corellian light freighter into one of the fastest ships in the galaxy.

This Haynes Manual traces the model history of the Corellian Engineering Corporation’s YT series of spaceships and the development of the YT-1300 model line before focusing on the Millennium Falcon, itself a modified YT-1300. Onboard systems, controls, and their operation are described in detail and supported by a host of photographs, line art, floor plans, exploded diagrams, and stunning computer-generated artwork, all newly created by acknowledged Falcon experts Chris Reiff and Chris Trevas. Text is by Ryder Windham, author of more than fifty Star Wars books.

Covering operational history, piloting, propulsion, weapons, engineering systems, sensors, and crew facilities, this is the most thorough technical guide to the Millennium Falcon available.

This Haynes Manual is fully authorized and approved by Lucasfilm.

Book Depository has a great 10 page PDF excerpt to give us a first look at the book. 


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