Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Enter Jennifer Heddle: New Senior Editor for Star Wars Adult Publishing at Lucas Books

Jennifer Heddle's image from her Twitter (@jenheddle), Someone might want to tell Bonnie Burton what R2 is up to...

We have a new Senior Editor at Lucasfilm's publishing arm, Lucas Books with the announcement by Suvudu today that former Simon & Schuster editor Jennifer Heddle has been tapped to lead the adult publishing line from Lucasfilm's side of things.

Lucas Books, the publishing division of Lucasfilm, Ltd., has hired former Simon & Schuster editor Jennifer Heddle as Senior Editor to oversee the adult fiction portion of its Star Wars publishing program. Bringing a strong pedigree of publishing experience, enthusiasm, and fresh sensibilities to Star Wars, Heddle is working with publishers Random House and Dark Horse Comics on Star Wars novels, comic books, and graphic novels. “I’m thrilled to be working with Random House and Dark Horse on the adventures of these characters I’ve cherished for my entire life,” says Heddle, who replaces former Lucas Books Executive Editor Sue Rostoni.
“I couldn’t be more thrilled by Lucasfilm’s choice of Jen Heddle to take over the reins,” says Random House Editor-at-Large Shelly Shapiro, who edits Del Rey’s line of Star Wars novels. “She is going to be a valuable player who brings a lot of passion to the table.  With Jen joining the Star Wars team, I can stop being mad at Sue for retiring!”


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