Thursday, September 8, 2011

Star Wars: Riptide Excerpt #5: Field Stripping a Lightsaber

Star Wars Books on Facebook has posted the latest in a series of mini-excerpts for Paul S. Kemp's next Star Wars Book: Riptide.  
In this excerpt we see a little Jedi basic training as Jaden Korr has his new apprentice Marr Idi-Shael field stripping Jaden's lightsaber. 
RIPTIDE Excerpt #5 (ES):
Marr took Jaden’s lightsaber and turned it over in his hands, examining the hilt from all angles.

“Now take it apart,” Jaden said. He had chosen the lesson because he thought it would be well suited to Marr’s talents as an engineer.

“This is yours, Master, and—”

“Take it apart, Marr. It’s a weapon. It’s made to be durable. You won’t break anything.” Jaden eyed his chrono and set the timer. “You have five minutes.”
 Riptide is due out in paperback on October 25, 2011.  
SOURCE: Star Wars Books on Facebook

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  1. Let's hope that in his lightsaber training this young Jedi initiate does not get his lightsaber too close to his eyes, or else all he will be seeing for the next few minutes is vestigial streaks of ghost-light on his retinas.