Friday, September 30, 2011

NetGalley: Digital Advance Copies of Books

I was recently introduced to a very interesting product.

For those unfamiliar with the publishing industry, leads head to the fount of all knowledge that is Wikipedia for a detailed discussion of advance copies of books

This website allows publishers to approve readers to receive a digital advance copy of a book. Given the rise of eReaders and a likely long term paradigm shift in the publishing industry it would make sense to transition the advance copies of books to digital format, instead of having to print and ship physical copies of each book. 

NetGalley has a pretty broad list of compatible devices, allowing you to read books on either your phone, your tablet, your eReader, or your computer. 

The cool thing for Star Wars fans is that both the Star Wars licensees Dark Horse Comics and Random House (Del Rey/Spectra) participate in the website. 

The first book that I am checking out on NetGalley is Paul S. Kemp's Star Wars: Riptide. 

I have downloaded the book for my Kindle and on the PC for Adobe Digital Editions.  So far, the book looks great in Adobe, but the formatting of some of the text is off in the Kindle version. 

If you are an avid reader or reviewer, I suggest you check out NetGalley, signing up is free.


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