Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Timothy Zahn Suvudu Interview and Borders Blog is running a weekly column leading up the release of the Star Wars Complete Saga Blu-ray set on 9/16/11.  This past week's author was Timothy Zahn and he relates reading to food/meals and according to Zahn Star Wars is dark chocolate.  Yum

I’ve been a fan of the Galaxy Far, Far Away for the past thirty-four years, and been privileged to be a small part of it for the past twenty. And as I’ve mulled over that question, I’ve come to the conclusion that, in the grand banquet of literature, Star Wars is the dark chocolate.
Think about it. Dark chocolate is elegant, a delight to the taste buds, and – as the medical types are just now figuring out – actually pretty good for us. It goes with almost anything, is a perfect snack, and can compliment any meal. also published one of their "5 Questions" interviews with Timothy Zahn to promote his new book Choices of One.

SS: Was it enjoyable returning to some of the characters you’ve helped immortalize over the years?
TZ: Oh, absolutely! Part of the fun of writing Star Wars is coming up with new adventures, and the rest is finding new ways for the classic and new characters to interact. That’s especially tricky with Rebellion era stories like CHOICES, where certain characters can’t interact with each other, and established future events have to be protected or worked around.


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  1. To some extent the dark side can be felt to be present in all of us...however, I do not believe following it goes as far as to endorse the consumption of large amounts of dark chocolate, as some of us would probably prefer to keep to the whiter variety...but some however believe that is simply a matter of choice.