Thursday, April 21, 2011

Clone Wars Season 4 News & Rumors: Season 4 Villain Speculation

Who is this mystery man?
On April 2nd I took the time to do some screen captures from the Clone Wars S4 Teaser Trailer that was shown at WonderCon and subsequently posted on 

One of the images that stuck out to me was the above image.

To me this looks like a group of Clone Trooper prison guards (notice the shields) descending on a lift into the middle of a circular prison.  Notice the lighted circles around the walls.  My supposition is that each of these is a separate cell. 

From behind we see an alien character that I would assume is a Separatist prisoner.  Who is this guy? 

At this point, my best guess is that it may be General Whorm Loathsom, minus his pointy little hat.  The color of the character, general shape of the head, and sloping back/shoulders makes me think this could be an imprisoned Loathsom.

What do you think?


  1. It's very close. Good observation. I'm just not sure it's a perfect match - the head seems more round than pointed. But I would agree that this is a prison of some kind.

  2. so youre saying the new rex is gonna kick some prisoner butt? i hope so! but very good idea! i never bothered looking, i was too busy lookin at REX

  3. It's KRELL with his head bent forward. You're seeing his 'pony tail' in the middle there.

  4. general krell...looks like we goona see some action krell vs clones