Saturday, April 2, 2011

Clone Wars News: Wondercon Panel and New Season 4 Trailers: A Besalisk Jedi??

A Besalisk Jedi (same species as Obi-Wan's pal Dexter Jettster)

Nothing like a little Saturday night Clone Wars news...

StarWars.Com has posted both the Season 4 Teaser Trailer shown on Cartoon Network after the Season 3 Finale, as well as a new Season 4 Trailer shown at WonderCon.

LINK: Season 4 Teaser Trailer

LINK: WonderCon Season 4 Trailer

Star Wars Underworld has posted a low quality youtube version of the WonderCon Trailer:

Star Wars Underworld can be found on Twitter ( @Theswunderworld ) and on Facebook.

Also, William Devereux of EUCantina.Net and the We Talk Clones Podcast, was in attendance at the Clone Wars panel at WonderCon and was live tweeting some of the questions and answers.  A selection of some of this tweets:

George keeps saying they'll make lots of episodes. 100 is usually attached to the figure.

It was always the plan to mature Ahsoka over time. Not many nicknames from her anymore.

Ashley Eckstein has tried to tone down the cuteness.

JAT helped Ashley with the evil Ahsoka voice.

All of the (major) character models have been or will be upgraded.

At the end of S3, Yoda is pleased with Anakin and Ahsoka's relationship.

Peter (Mayhew) loves Star Wars. The eyes, mouth, walk, and stance make a character. He passed it on to the crew.

They were tempted to have the Wookiees rip the Trandoshans' arms off.

Joel Aaron: Environment is a character.

Tiny details like thorns and leaves were added. 25-30 lighted paintings are produced for each episode.

Awesome footage! Including a Jedi with two double-bladed lightsabers. Dave says no questions about the
footage in the Q&A. Peter chokes him.

Q: Will Savage find Darth Maul? A: They will resolve what happened.

Q: More classic characters? A: You saw one in the trailer.

Q: More female Jedi? A: Yes. We have a lot of great ones already, we just need to update their character models.

We will see Asajj Ventress again. Great character development.

Dave is dedicated to the character of Ahsoka. He wants to have a hand in explaining her fate, whatever it is. He already has an idea.

George Lucas comes up with the ideas for all episodes now. Asks Dave for his ideas for the season. Rex and Ahsoka's fate are big for Dave.

Ahsoka understands Chewbacca thanks to her training at the temple. Han just understands his emotes.
William is a must follow on Twitter (@MasterDevwi)  if you are a Star Wars fan.  Also please check out one of the best designed Star Wars websites out there.

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