Thursday, March 24, 2011

USA Weekend Interview with Dave Filoni with New Season 3 Finale Clip

As the Season 3 Finale promotion ramps up in anticipation of the April 1 hour long season finale event, Dave Filoni is making the media rounds and sat down with USA Weekend for an interview.

Interview Excerpt:
With it airing next week, do you get to take a break now?
[Laughs] No. That is not the life of a Jedi. There are no breaks. There is no shore leave in this clone army. But that’s fine. You can’t complain when you get to come in every day and work in this galaxy. It’s pretty exciting, but it is relentless. We’re hard at work on Season 4 right now and making it as best we can bigger and better than what we’ve done before. In the season finale, fans will get a glimpse of what Season 4 is going to look like. We take such a leap technologically and story-wise in the last two episodes, where the visuals are even stronger than they’ve been the whole series.
Can you spill anything about what’s to come?
I can definitely say that the second half of Season 3 very much speaks to the types of the episodes and stories you’re going to see in Season 4. When we started with the Nightsisters trilogy and Savage Opress, that was where we really took off on a whole new level of storytelling and animation. We have gotten better and better at everything we’ve been doing in the second half of Season 3 and just up that going into Season 4 to a scale that’s going to be pretty impressive. You’re definitely going to see battles on the scale of likes you’ve never seen on The Clone Wars before. The bigger the battle doesn’t always mean the better, but in this case it’s pretty impressive what the guys have been able to render and get on screen for a television series. I’m really excited for people to see that. The end of Season 3 is a foreshadowing to the technology that is going to provide a lot of increased excitement in the future.

The story also includes a new clip from the season finale.

Check out the full interview at USA Weekend's Website: LINK

SOURCES: Knights Archive and USA Weekend

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