Thursday, March 31, 2011

Heir to the Empire: 20th Anniversary Edition Preview: Annotation #3 from Star Wars Books on Facebook

Timothy Zahn's celebrated Star Wars Expanded Universe novel Heir to the Empire has reached its 20th anniversary and to celebrate it Lucas Books and Del Rey is releasing a special hardcover 20th Anniversary edition complete with annotations from Timothy Zahn and others involved in the making of the book.

Leading up to the June 21st release of this book, Star Wars Book on Facebook (Del Rey's official Star Wars Facebook site) will be teasing fans with excerpts from select annotations. 

The third annotation released on Facebook:

"Originally, I had had Rukh and his fellows being Sith, keying off Vader's title of Lord of the Sith. Since at that point the term hadn't been defined, I figured I was safe. But Lucasfilm was concerned that George would want to use the Sith at some future date (which, as we all know, he did) and told me to pick some other term for them." --Timothy Zahn
This is one that some fans had heard before and some fans have not.  I think its interesting in that it illustrates just how far the Star Wars universe has expanded from the small snapshot of it we got in the movies. 

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