Thursday, March 31, 2011

George Lucas on 3D and The Future of Movies from CinemaCon

The Maker, George Lucas recently was part of a panel at the CinemaCon, movie theater industry convention, discussing the future of the film industry.  His prediction....three dimensions.

"So now when you're watching a movie and it's not in 3-D, it's like watching in black and white," Lucas told a crowd of theater owners at their CinemaCon convention. "It's a better way of looking at a film. ... I totally believe now that 3-D will completely take over just like color did."

"We have our third generation now of kids who are under 12 years old who have never seen 'Star Wars' on the big screen," Lucas said. "And I am betting a lot of people will go see a movie that they have seen on television a million times and they have the video at home, and they will go and see it because they want to see it in the theater in a social experience."

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