Sunday, February 6, 2011

Star Wars iPhone App: Star Wars Books and Timeline

I recently stumbled upon a pretty cool iPhone App for Star Wars EU fans.  I consider it a must have application if  you are a serious comic or novel reader and/or collector. 

If like me you have a large Star Wars collection, it can be hard to remember what novels and what versions of what novels you may or may not own.  Did I borrow this book from the library or a friend?  Well with this app, you can set the books as (Own), (Want), (Don't Want).  You can also view the books by Star Wars timeline, by release date, by name, by series, etc.  The App also links to Wookieepedia entries on the books as well as Amazon to order books.

Description from the company's website:  

• Contains information on 400+ Star Wars novels, graphic novels, children's books, and reference titles
• Shows cover images when available
• Tracks the year in the Star Wars universe in which the story takes place (BBY/ABY)
• Groups books by the Star Wars Era in which the story takes place
• For graphic novels, includes the comic book issue numbers that are collected in the Trade Paperback (when available)
• Tag each book as Owned, Wanted, or Not Wanted
• Rate each book on a Five Star scale
• Track your Owned books on your personal bookshelf right inside the app
• Sort by Star Wars Year/Era, Publication date, Title, or Series
• Easily identify new or pre-release titles by sorting by Publication date
• Includes data such as authors, publication date, number of pages, publisher, back cover blurb, and ISBN
• Will be kept up-to-date as new Star Wars books are announced and cover images are released
• Links to order or pre-order books right from the app

The Star Wars Books and Timeline App by White Husky Software, is currently released as version 2.15 (1/14/2011) and is available from Apple's App Store for only $0.99.  A great deal for the Star Wars fan on the go. 

iTunes App Store Link for Star Wars Books and Timeline

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