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Lost Tribe of the Sith: Release Dates and News

We received a lot of updated information regarding the Lost Tribe of the Sith (LTotS) e-book series this week via both Sue Rostoni at Lucasfilm and John Jackson Miller through Del Rey's Facebook Page "Star Wars Books." 


Lost Tribe of the Sith Collection


In August of 2012 we will get the release of the LTotS collection in book form including new material from author John Jackson Miller for the collection.  JJM views the e-book releases in two tetralogies; Books 1-4 'Founders Tetralogy' and Books 5-8 'Darker Times Tetralogy.'  The new material in the collection will bridge the gap between the LTotS' Dark Times and the Fate of the Jedi era LTotS.

Lost Tribe of the Sith: Titles and Release Dates:

1. LTotS #1: Precipice: May 28, 2009
2. LTotS #2: Skyborn: July 21, 2009
3. LTotS #3: Paragon: February 10, 2010
4. LTotS #4: Savior: April 27, 2010
5. LTotS #5: Purgatory: October 25, 2010
6. LTotS #6: Sentinel: February 21, 2011
7. LTotS #7: Pantheon: July 19, 2011
8. LTotS #8: Secrets: March 8, 2012
9. LTotS Collection: August 2012

LTotS Comments from John Jackson Miller in a Facebook Chat with Fans on Star Wars Books (Del Rey's) Facebook Page: 

The free ebook novella LOST TRIBE OF THE SITH: 7: PANTHEON has moved to July 19, 2011 and LOST TRIBE OF THE SITH: 8: SECRETS has moved to March 8, 2012. These dates are to stay consistent with the pattern of Fate of the Jedi releases.
There are three more Lost Tribe short stories yet to be published, and then there will be all new material in the print collection in 2012.

Yep, all the LTOTS short stories I've done plus additional material in the Lost Tribe book.
Sorry I skipped over this. Yes, the idea is that in the Lost Tribe short stories, we got the Founders Tetralogy (chapters 1-4) and then we also are getting four stories from what I would consider the Darker Times, all in e-book form......with Purgatory and Sentinel really being right at that beginning moment of the Darker Times. The intention would be that the new material would provide the other bookend, showing more of how the Tribe got its act together, and evolved closer to what we see in the FOTJ novels. And it's all related. The threads from the very beginning reach very far into their future. It's been interesting writing these characters -- they weren't founded by great Sith Lords, but rather, middle-managers in the cause of evil. Showing how they evolved has been fun.


Lost Tribe of the Sith (E-Books)

Kindle Versions

1. LTotS #1: Precipice (LINK) 
2. LTotS #2: Skyborn (LINK)
3. LTotS #3: Paragon (LINK)
4. LTotS #4: Savior (LINK)
5. LTotS #5: Purgatory (LINK)
6. LTotS #6: Sentinel (LINK)

PDF Versions available at STARWARS.COM

1. LTotS #1: Precipice (LINK) 
2. LTotS #2: Skyborn (LINK)
3. LTotS #3: Paragon (LINK)
4. LTotS #4: Savior (LINK)
5. LTotS #5: Purgatory (LINK)
6. LTotS #6: Sentinel (To Be Released 2/21/11)

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