Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review: Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: Sentinel by John Jackson Miller


Sentinel is set in 3960 BBY on the planet Kesh in two principle locations, the capital city of Tahv and the area surrounding the Marisota River.  The Sith have now been on Kesh for 1040 years, so their society and culture is very ingrained.  What we have is a very caste based system, and in this system a fall from power has dramatic consequences. 


Jelph Marrain, Male, former Jedi Knight and Jedi Covenant Secret Agent
Ori Kitai, Female, Lost Tribe of the Sith
Grand Lord Lillia Venn, Leader of Lost Tribe of the Sith
Candra Kitai, Mother of Ori Kitai and disgraced High Lord.
Lord Flen Luzo, Male, Lost Tribe of the Sith
Lord Sawj Luzo, Male, Lost Tribe of the Sith
Gadin Badolfa, Architect and political go between for Sith
Krynda Draay, Female founder of Jedi Covenant (Mentioned only)
Jedi Master Lucien Draay, Son of Krynda, member of Jedi Covenant (Mentioned only)
Darth Revan, Fallen Jedi/Sith (Mentioned only)


At four chapters and 29 pages, Sentinel is a quick read but is really part of the larger story that began in LTotS #5: Purgatory.  It tells the story of the relationship between two outcasts from their respective societies former Jedi Jelph Marrain and former Sith Ori Kitai. 
She opened her eyes and glared at him. “I can feel it in your thoughts. You think I’m beautiful. You think you want me. You want to trust me. But you’re looking behind every word I say, trying to find me out, trying to trap me. Because of who I am.”
Jelph looked down at the water. He hadn’t known why he had come all this way when so much was at risk. Not until now. “I think I know who you are, Ori.” He stepped forward and put his hand on her shoulder.  She shrank at his touch.
This was a fun little romp through the LTotS, which gave us a some action, some romance, an interesting take on the Sith society/philosophy, and a bit of a twist at the end.  It also did a good job tying this series of stories into John Jackson Miller's previous work on the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comic series by having Jelph be a former member of the Jedi Covenant.  It also does a nice job of tying into the Knights of the Old Republic video games by bringing Revan into the story.

There isn't much to criticize in this story, other then the fact that Miller completely glossed over a fight scene at the end of Chapter 2 and the beginning of Chapter 3.  It wouldn't have added a ton to the story, but it just felt like a rather large omission in the flow of the story.

If you haven't gotten into the LTotS story yet, starting with #5 and #6 is a good place to start.  Jelph and Ori are interesting characters and has me wondering what ramifications this story may have for certain members of the LTotS in the Fate of the Jedi novel series.


Lost Tribe of the Sith: Sentinel gets 8.5 out of 10.  Miller has a real nice way of crafting memorable sentences and there are a couple good ones in here. I look forward to continuing to read the LTotS story.  

You can download LTotS: Sentinel at StarWars.Com as a PDF or on for the KINDLE

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